Mignon is a Singer,Composer and Producer. 

EARLY LIFE As a teenage punk runaway Mignon learned the basics of composition andshowmanship from the Berlin drag queens. Her mentor was Melitta Sundström who taughtMignon the basics of composition and recording. Mignon’s first recording was asa guest on Melittas Debut Album in 1993. After that Mignon was a member of thegirlgroup “Girleen” and the Country band “Wild Turkey”.

2002 Mignon attracted attention with a wild and furious show, setting her pants on fire and spitting fake blood with nurse ensembles and straight jackets. Together with Peaches Mignon toured international, they supported “Queens of the Stoneage” on 16 tour dates through the United States. Mignon performed together with Cobra Killer and Peaches the Festival Tour Big Day Out in Australia, as well as the Leeds and Reading Festival in the UK.

2004 Mignon’s first release was an EP on the label Pale Music featuring 3 original titles and 3 remixes featuring Adamski and Lady Miss Kier (Dee-Lite). Mignon toured Germany, Czech Republic and France in that year.

2005 Tour inGermany, Switzerland incl. Festival in Lausanne, England, Italy, France incl. Festival in Nantes and USA ( San Francisco, Los Angeles and Costa Mesa)

2007 release of Mignon’s debut album ‘Bad, Evil, Wicked and Mean’ featuring  Lady Miss Kier (Deelite), Peaches, Thomas Wydler (Bad Seeds), Quan Yeomans(Regurgitator), Gonzales and Taylor Savvy.The album was released in Europe, Japan and Australia in 2007 on her own London based label ‘BadgirlRecords’. Touring of Germany and the UK.

2010 release of the Single “Hot Love” in the legendary notorious strip club “Crazy Girls” in LosAngeles. The show was attended by rock stars like Josh Homme and Nick Olivieri, (Queens Of The Stoneage) Samantha Maloney (Hole, Motley Crue) und Casey Chaos (Amen). Mignon played with her band whilst strippers danced to her songs and have been spat on with fake blood by Mignon during the show. Later that year Mignon sang and played in the Peaches Musical “Peached Does Herself” at the HAU Theater in Berlin.

2011 release of Mignons second full length ‘Kiss Of Death’ on the Australian Label Impedance Records. Mignon played with a full live band and supported, Rob Zombie on his tour in Germany. The same year Mignon took on a Festival Tour with Peaches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as a singer in Peaches band. She was also performing at another run of the “Peaches Does Herself “ Musical in Berlin at the HAU Theater.

2012 Mignon was the opening act at the ‘Twins of Evil Show’ with Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson in Germany. Mignon played the Wave Gothic Treffen Festival, the Festival “Sauzipf” in Austria and was touring in Switzerland.

2016 Shows in Berlin and starting the label “Bad Girl Records” back up. Recordings at Berlins “Hansa Studios” and “Einstürzende Neubauten” Studio “Andere Baustelle”.

2017 Shows in Los Angeles and Fullerton California

2018 release of theAlbum “Toys Tantrum” on “Bad Girl Records” featuring Fredovich from “King Khan and the Shrines” and Adrian Stout from “The Tiger Lillies”. Tour hrough the United States, the Netherlands and United Kingdom. Mignon supported “And you will know us by the Trail of Dead”in Berlin.

2019 Mignon supports“And you will know us by the Trail of Dead” on 8 dates of their German Tour. Mignon toured in the UK including “Do to Dot Festival” mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Initiative Musik GmbH.

2022 Mignon wrote her fourth full length Album “A Blind Dark Horse”……