Toys Tantrum

released 2018 by BadGirl-Records

Hi, I’m Mignon, wanna play?

Completely written and composed by the mistress of shock rockin’ show tunes herself, Mignon is still pulling the strings on her third full-length release ‘Toys Tantrum’ …
Her box of tricks may come spewing collaborations bloody galore but as always in true genre-shifting tradition, Mignon’s toy gun is cocked, aimed and pointing in a new direction only she can fire…

Has it hit you yet? This is the sound of an artist youcouldn’t label or shelve, even if you dared.

Moving even further out of shot from her ‘Bad Girl’ days of metallic-tinged electropop, Mignon has once again defied expectations to deliver a surprisingly new and arresting sound. Armed with a Hondo she resurrected from the backyard graves of East Berlin (heard on ‘Hands of Time’), a waterphone (Google it kids), and a guitar bought in Austin on a 2013 USA road trip, she’s exorcising her demons with an eclectically spookish mix of searing rock ‘n’ roll and Spaghetti Western-esque swagger.

From the feverish 60’s-fuelled shakedown of ‘Make Believe’ and frenetic burn of  ‘Bulldog” to the jubilant murder march of ‘Fiesta’ and hauntingly jaunty ‘Ghost of a Memory’ (featuring the one and only Adrian Strout of The Tiger Lillies on the singing saw), Toys Tantrum is a dreadfully addictive play date with one of  Berlin’s best kept ‘n creepy secrets!

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The Punksite:


Dave Catching ( Eagles of Death Metal, Earthlings?,Masters of Reality, Mojave Lords…) “Mignon delivers yet another lively album chocked full of fun,fresh,fantastic lyrics,hooks and melodies. Her incredible vocals are better than ever and the production is clean,clear and classic. it’s a joy to listen to this timeless record!”

Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Les Tigre, Julie Ruin): “The album I’ve been waiting for! An upgrated version of garage music a la The Headcoatees”

Mark Moore (S-Express): “A new Mignon album is always a joy and this one especially so.  A mutant -pop, swamp-rock, rocking-n-rolling concoction – thrown into a boiling pot and held together with Mignon’s honeyed vocals. Quite delicious!”

The Punksite 

With Toys Tantrum it would seem Mignon have released an album that blends everything you love about the punk, new wave, indie, rock ‘n roll and the garage worlds to create a unique hybrid of styles that for me borders on perfection. Toys Tantrum is an album I’d recommend to anyone, but especially to fans of everyone from The Hillbilly Moon Explosion through to The Dresden DollsNadine Shah and early Imelda May.” AJ Phink

Punkglobe Magazine:
“I am a huge fan of Mignon and hope that everyone will buy this new release and get out and catch one of her shows…. She is simply brilliant!!!!” Ginger Coyote