2018 Mignon Toys Tantrum [Vinyl, CD, Digital] BadGirl-Records

2011 Mignon Kiss of  Death [CD] ImpedanceRecords

2007 Mignon Bad Evil Wicked and Mean [CD] BadGirl-Records

2004 Mignon Bad Girl EP Pale Music

Contributing Artist

2003 Peaches Fatherfucker XL Recordings “Shake Yer Dix” vocals

2002 Taylor Savvy Ladies and Gentlemen Kitty-Yo “She’s Got It” vocals

2002 Peaches The Teaches of Peaches XL Recordings “Casanova” collaboration

Various Artist Compilations

2010 Ich Bin Ein Berliner “Hot Love”

2006 Girlmonster Chicks on Speed records “demons of love”

2006 Some Tunes Basserk “Death Race Remix”

2006 Styles Selection Toshiba/EMI Japan “Death Race”

2005 Berlin Insane III Pale Music “Succubus”

2005 Party Escalator Escalator Records “Bad Girl”

2004 Agenda 2010 Lage D’Or “Little Miss Feelgood”

2003 Lexoleum Trilogy Lex Records “Casanova”

2002 Wir Lage D’Or “Bad,Evil, Wicked and Mean”

2002 Colette No 4 Colette Records “Bad Evil Wicked and Mean”

2002 Y03 Lage D’Or “Bad Evil Wicked and Mean”

Contributing Movie

2007 MTV Bust a Move “Bad Girl”

2006  Kampfansage der letzte Schueler DVD release Germany “Black Soul”

2004 Clash of Cultures: The Rise of the Electro Scene DVD release Brazil “Bad,Evil, Wicked and Mean”

2014 “Peaches Does Herself “DVD Mignon as Peaches Ex-Lover, Little Boy and Laserharp Player