Bad Evil Wicked And Mean

released 2007 by BadGirl-Records

 ‘Bad, Evil, Wicked and Mean’ is the debut album release from Berlin based shock-rocker Mignon, thirteen of her most infectious tracks served up on one CD capturing the playful ferocity and rhythmic, rebellious cartoon horror-filled energy of her live performances.
Mignon’s influences and diversity in her music, as sewn together in her debut, lend her appeal to anyone with a lust for pulsating electro and hunger for heavy metal riffs.  
Her punk demeanour and appetite for hair-raising rock’n’roll has seen her having practically toured the world over the last few years, sharing the stage with the likes of Peaches, …Trail of Dead.., Pink Grease, Queens of The Stone Age and Chicksonspeed. These live performances became best known for erupting with a combination of face-paint and smoke-bombs, bloodied nurses and military ensembles, fake knives and fiery leather pants; enough to impress any brave audience dancing before her.
Although primarily a one lady show, ‘Bad, Evil, Wicked and Mean’ plays host to a number of guests joining Mignon on her debut.
Written and produced by Mignon herself, programming beats on her Groovebox Roland 303 and composing the arrangements and melodies, help with her vision came with an invite to Lady Miss Kier to do backing vocals on ‘Demons of Love’ and the album’s anthemic ‘Bad Girl’ wouldn’t have been complete without Canadian’s very own, Peaches, lending her patent dirty tongue to the mix. Thomas Wydler from The Bad Seeds also guests on drums for the songs ‘Little Miss Feelgood’ (also featuring Gonzales on keyboards) ‘Succubus’, ‘Impatience’ and ‘Black Soul’ whilst other guest musicians include Taylor Savvy providing guitar and vocals and Quan Yeoman (from the Platinum-Selling Australian Band Regurgitator) for ‘Death Race’ and throbbing rock-bout ‘Violence’.
Mignon moved to Berlin at the age of 17, she studied fashion-design and about the same time discovered a love for making music.She made her first stage experiences after learning the basics of putting on a show from the berlin drag queen scene.Mignon inherited a keyboard of her „Drag-Mother“ Melitta Sundstroem and moved into a truck. She changed a furniture-truck into a mobile-home and lived in it for two years starting to write her own music and to create her own style..
Mignon toured with „Peaches“ 2001 and 2002, discovering their simular tastes in music and a desire to shock audiences, they co-wrote and performed tracks such as „ Casanova“ and „She’s a Rebel“.They played in England at the Leeds and Reading Festival in 02.Australia and New Zealand for the „Big Day Out“ accompanied by „Cobra Killer“ …….also Spain, Germany and Poland. They supported „Queens Of The Stoneage“ and “And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead” on 16 tourdates in Northamerica through the fall of 2002

Mignon’s solo career began 2003 when she performed with an array of artists at festivals  such as;-
Larry Tee’s Electroclash-Festival in New York, Arthur Bakers Festival in London“ Return to NewYork „ 
Ellen Alien in Switzerland, Chicks on Speed in Switzerland,
Festivals in Germany and France,Mignon performed her show at venues allover Europe, 
supporting  „..Trail of Dead..“ in Germany on their Tour 2004 .
And her own tour of California in 2005. 

Mignon’s accomplishments include;-
Appearing on several compilations 
featured on the Peaches album „Fatherfucker“ released by XL records, 
12″Vinyl “Bad Girl” released by Berlin’s Underground Label Pale-Music 2004 featuring 3 tracks ‘Bad Girl’, ‘Demons of Love’ and ‘Death Race’ with Remixes by Patric Catani (Puppetmastaz, Ec8or, Candy Hank), Suat G and Adam Sky(Adamski) 
uniting her Teenage-Idols Adamski and Lady Miss Kier from Deelite on the Demon’s of Love Remix,
and featuring on the Soundtrack to the Movie „Kampfansage“ performing „Black Soul“


„… this highpitched rock bitch is a Joan Jett for the 21st century.“ Harpers&Queen,“

„Mignon is a metal bitch from Berlin…most of her songs consists of rocking Lita Ford-Style guitar licks backed by an analogue drum machine.Sounds scary?It is.But with evil humour…sung in a voice like Kate Bush, but with more bush.“
Vice/ UK Launch Issue 

”…Most impressive of all, though is the groovesome Adam Sky mix……,which staples a walking, wiggling, kompakt-style bass line to Mignon’s undeniably impressive vocals.”

„Mignon and guest Peaches’ groovebox rocker „Bad Girl“ (Pale) sound boss down trash.“

„you have to see Mignon perform live – but be prepared for pyrotechnics, nurses outfits, straitjackets, leathers, negligees and rock-chick poses. „
(Manchester online review) 

„..raw rock power to bump your ass off, one cheek at a time…incredibly sexy, as well as more rock´n roll than anything you´ll hear this year.Superb.“

„Mignon, single-white-female chum of Peaches comes on like PJ Harvey as a school bully.“ NME